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What Can a Property Manager Do with a Limited Asphalt Repair Budget?

Asphalt pavement begins to deteriorate the moment a contractor installs it. Exposure to oxygen causes the asphalt binder to oxidize, and oxidation weakens the binder’s ability to hold the pavement’s materials together. The pavement becomes brittle and loses flexibility, cracks appear […]

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Why Austin Retailers Choose Alpha for Paving Services

All asphalt companies are not the same. Some are can only handle small jobs, but others excel at more extensive projects. However, Alpha Paving has the experience, equipment, and staffing to accurately and efficiently complete everything from the smallest of projects […]

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How to Construct an Effective Parking Lot Design

An attractive, properly maintained parking lot plays a vital role in keeping your customers, tenants, employees, and guests happy. However, experienced asphalt companies know that a great parking lot starts with an effective design. There is no single design that is […]

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Top Reasons to Resurface Asphalt in Your Apartment Parking Lot

If you manage an apartment complex, you may deal with a variety of issues every day. Some problems involve dispatching maintenance personnel to repair a leaking faucet or malfunctioning garbage disposal. Other tasks may involve getting vacant units ready for a […]

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What Is Unique About Residential Street Paving?

Different types of asphalt paving or resurfacing projects can pose different challenges. Even if a paving contractor specializes in just one or two types, the challenges can vary by job. For example, there are many differences between the requirements for a […]

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Are Speed Bumps Necessary for Asphalt Parking Lots?

As every asphalt paving company knows, devices to control the speed of vehicles have become commonplace in asphalt parking lots throughout Central Texas. Although speed bumps and speed humps are not identical, most people refer to both types of speed breakers […]

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Why Industrial Paving Can Be Complex

Many asphalt contractors who launch their own business initially focus on residential driveways, tiny parking lots, and other small projects. These projects do not require large crews, a lot of expensive equipment, extensive training, or years of experience. Gradually, the contractor […]

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Why the Lowest Sealcoating Bid Isn’t Always the Best

If you are an experienced commercial property manager or owner, you probably know that periodic applications of a sealant can help prolong the life of asphalt pavements. However, your budget for asphalt maintenance may be tight, so you may need to […]

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Can Extreme Heat Affect an Asphalt Sealcoating Application?

Generally, the weather conditions in central Texas offer an excellent opportunity for asphalt sealcoating. Sealants need warm temperatures and lots of sunshine to dry and cure properly. Asphalt sealcoating should not be applied when temperatures are below 50 degrees and expected […]

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What Are the Elements of Quality Asphalt Paving Construction?

For more than a century, many state, local and federal agencies, as well as owners of commercial and residential properties, have chosen asphalt for their paving needs. Nationwide, asphalt surfaces account for approximately 94% of all paved roads, and in some […]

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