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What Is the Process for Asphalt Road Construction?

Asphalt paving is more complicated than most people realize. If you have ever driven by a site where crews are installing new pavement, you might have had the impression that the crew needed merely to roll the material deposited by the […]

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How Paving Starts With Soil & Rock Construction

Paving asphalt streets, driveways, parking lots and highways is more complicated than you may realize. Many factors can affect the cost of the job, including the current price of hot asphalt, the location of the job site and the percentage of […]

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What Are the Overall Costs of Asphalt Paving?

It is not uncommon for asphalt contractors to receive phone calls from prospective customers who expect that the contractor can provide them with an accurate quote without knowing more than the approximate square footage of the proposed pavement. A well-experienced paving […]

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Why Asphalt Crack Repair Can Benefit Property Managers

Whether you manage a property for an individual or a corporation, your performance will be judged on many factors. Many of these factors depend on the type of property you manage, but one element transcends all property types: Are you helping […]

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Asphalt Sealcoating & Winter Construction

An effective asphalt maintenance program can dramatically increase the life expectancy of your pavement. The two maintenance procedures that asphalt paving companies consider critical are the timely repair of cracks and the periodic reapplication of sealcoating. These procedures are especially important […]

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What Are ADA Accommodations Violations? | Asphalt Paving

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act contains an extensive list of requirements that cover interior accessibility, employment discrimination, public transportation, and many other issues, a surprising percentage of all violations involve parking lots. Because the ADA is so complex, many businesses […]

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HOA & Condos – Your Asphalt Pavement Can Affect Property Values

Whether you are on the board of a condominium or a homeowners association, your work can involve numerous challenges. One of these challenges is to attract new buyers while keeping current residents happy. Current and potential residents want an attractive environment, […]

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Asphalt Resurfacing & Overlay Methods | Austin, Texas

Asphalt pavement can have a much longer life than some people believe. For example, there are several stretches of asphalt paving on busy interstates built more than 50 years ago that are still in service. However, professional asphalt and paving organizations, […]

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Asphalt Repair and Potholes: Why Sooner Is Better

Asphalt pavement is remarkably durable, but all paving contractors know that it will require an occasional repair to achieve its full life expectancy. When budgets are tight, many businesses, municipalities and property managers choose to postpone pavement repairs. However, experienced asphalt […]

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The Cost of Delaying Asphalt Maintenance

Whether the object under discussion is an air conditioning system, a car or an asphalt pavement, proper maintenance is an essential part of ensuring a long life. Furthermore, like all auto mechanics, HVAC technicians and asphalt contractors know, routine maintenance can […]

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