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How to Make Asphalt Paving a Proactive Strategy

Most people do not enjoy having their cars break down when they are hundreds of miles from home or discovering multiple roof leaks during the middle of the heaviest, longest storm of the season. These situations force them to react to […]

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When Is the Asphalt Sealcoating Season?

Even in Austin, winter weather can be hard on asphalt pavement. With rain falling sporadically throughout the winter and the frequent freezing and thawing cycles, your pavement can show significant signs of distress by the time the first signs of spring […]

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How to Improve Safety in Paving Work Zones

Road work can pose a risk to workers as well as to those driving through the work zone. In 2014, 669 people lost their lives in work zone crashes, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Approximately 85 percent of the fatalities […]

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Why Surface Prep Is Key in Asphalt Striping

If you have ever varnished a piece of furniture, painted your house or installed new tile on a floor, you probably expended a great deal of effort to prepare the surface properly. For projects like these to be successful, a strong […]

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What Are Sinkholes? | Asphalt Paving

Although asphalt is a remarkably durable paving material, it does require occasional repairs. However, asphalt maintenance contractors in many parts of the country are far more accustomed to repairing cracks and potholes than sinkholes. Despite some similarities, potholes are not the […]

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What Do the Markings for Underground Utilities Mean? — Asphalt Contractors

Modern communities rely on a variety of utilities to provide the safety, amenities, and convenience that residents and businesses need. Everything from power lines to sewers can lie buried underneath pavements, vegetation and curbs. Asphalt contractors must be keenly aware of […]

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What Happens to Recycled Asphalt? | Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is a petroleum-based product, and it is common knowledge that the supply of oil is both limited and subject to drastic price swings. Therefore, it is not surprising that asphalt recycling began many decades ago. As environmental concerns grew, it […]

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How Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Can Save You Money

When they award a contract for a new or a replacement pavement, businesses are typically looking to optimize the return on their investment. Most companies treat a parking lot like a capital investment that they can depreciate over several years. This […]

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How Do the Austin Seasons Affect Your Asphalt?

When it receives proper care, asphalt makes a strong and durable pavement. However, it is not impervious to damage from seasonal weather. As local asphalt paving companies know, seasonal fluctuations in the Austin area can pose certain threats to your pavement. […]

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How Do I Utilize My Asphalt Paving Dollars? | Property Management

Asphalt is a remarkably economical and durable choice for sidewalks, roadways, parking lots, driveways and sports courts. However, there are ways to make your pavement last longer and to save money on repairs. Although only your asphalt contractor can offer specific […]

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