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Why Asphalt Paths and Sidewalks Make Sense | Austin, TX

For almost a century, many municipalities across the nation have chosen asphalt to pave their public sidewalks. In recent years, an increasing number of cities, homeowners associations and businesses have also started to select asphalt when they need to construct a […]

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What Are the Cost Factors for Asphalt Sealcoating?

A properly maintained asphalt surface requires periodic asphalt sealcoating to maximize the useful longevity of the parking lot or driveway. Maintaining the sealcoating on the asphalt surface also greatly enhances its appearance. Depending on the pavement’s use, a high-quality and professionally […]

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Paving the Way to Curb Appeal

Real estate agents often mention a home’s curb appeal in their advertisements, interoffice discussions and conversations with potential buyers. A property’s curb appeal is simply the impression that people form when viewing the property from the street. A property that is […]

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Can Asphalt Striping Be Removed?

Visible, crisp stripes and other pavement markings can make your parking lot or thoroughfare safer and more appealing. However, even the best paints will wear away with time and traffic, leaving bare patches or areas in which the visibility of the […]

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How To Identify Asphalt Pavement Failure

Asphalt paving installed correctly by a reputable paving company and properly maintained throughout its life should easily achieve a useful life of 15 to 20 years. However, many pavements have lasted 30 or 40 years without experiencing a major failure. Given […]

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How Property Managers Can Prepare for Sealcoating

As a property manager, your list of responsibilities is probably a long one. You must deal with disgruntled tenants, schedule maintenance or repairs for the HVAC system, find a contractor to repair the roof, show available spaces to prospective tenants, ensure […]

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Asphalt Paving: Why Safety Is Our Priority

Every asphalt paving company knows that paving can present numerous risks. Between the heavy equipment, the hot asphalt and delivery trucks, workers must be constantly vigilant to avoid accidents. However, paving asphalt is performed within just a few feet of vehicle […]

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Can It Be Too Hot For Sealcoating?

Sealant manufacturers state that 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for sealcoating. They also state that humidity levels should be relatively low and that the fresh sealant should be exposed to several hours of sunshine. Furthermore, there should be no […]

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Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor – Tips For Hiring

When you are responsible for a commercial property, you know that your paved areas need to be safe, attractive and properly maintained. You also know that you need to obtain the best return on your investment in pavement. An exceptionally low […]

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Concrete Installation: When Is Reinforcement Needed?

Reinforced concrete has become a popular material for many types of construction. However, the debate is still raging over the need to reinforce concrete when it is used for slabs placed on the ground. To understand why there is a difference […]

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