FAQ: Parking Lot Striping

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How to Construct an Effective Parking Lot Design

An attractive, properly maintained parking lot plays a vital role in keeping your customers, tenants, employees, and guests happy. However, experienced asphalt companies know that a great parking lot starts with an effective design. There is no single design that is […]

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Parking Lot Striping – Your First Impression?

Striping and other parking lot markings play an essential part in the day-to-day operations of any business. Without them, a parking lot would be a chaotic and unsafe environment for drivers and pedestrians. Some of the things that the different parking […]

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Why Surface Prep Is Key in Asphalt Striping

If you have ever varnished a piece of furniture, painted your house or installed new tile on a floor, you probably expended a great deal of effort to prepare the surface properly. For projects like these to be successful, a strong […]

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What Are ADA Accommodations Violations? | Asphalt Paving

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act contains an extensive list of requirements that cover interior accessibility, employment discrimination, public transportation, and many other issues, a surprising percentage of all violations involve parking lots. Because the ADA is so complex, many businesses […]

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Can Asphalt Striping Be Removed?

Visible, crisp stripes and other pavement markings can make your parking lot or thoroughfare safer and more appealing. However, even the best paints will wear away with time and traffic, leaving bare patches or areas in which the visibility of the […]

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Parking Lot Striping – Conditions to Know

Many people take the markings in parking lots for granted, mistakenly assuming that it is simply a matter of slapping some paint on the pavement. However, parking lot striping requires a great deal of effort and planning to ensure that the […]

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Pavement Marking Design Changes

Parking lots vary greatly in size and function, but they all have the same primary purpose: to offer a designated area where drivers can park their vehicles efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, the design of the parking lot often receives much less […]

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Professional Parking Lot Striping & Cost Benefits

Your parking lot is an important asset. It is often the basis for the first impression that people form about you and the quality of the business you represent. One way to help ensure that your parking lot makes the type […]

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The History of Pavement Marking

In the early days of the automobile, pavement markings were not a major consideration, especially since paved roads were relatively uncommon outside of major cities. In 1904, there were only 55,000 automobiles in the United States. However, that number skyrocketed to […]

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Time To Consider Parking Lot Striping

There is just something about fresh paint that makes a parking lot more visually appealing. A well-marked lot is also safer for your visitors; they know where to park — and where not to park. Depending on the volume of traffic […]

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