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Are Speed Bumps Necessary for Asphalt Parking Lots?

As every asphalt paving company knows, devices to control the speed of vehicles have become commonplace in asphalt parking lots throughout Central Texas. Although speed bumps and speed humps are not identical, most people refer to both types of speed breakers […]

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Why Asphalt Crack Sealing Is Key Before Spring

Although the Austin area does not endure the brutal winters that are common in many other parts of the nation, the winter months can still inflict damage on your asphalt pavement. On average, the temperature falls below freezing almost 20 nights […]

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Why Asphalt Crack Repair Can Benefit Property Managers

Whether you manage a property for an individual or a corporation, your performance will be judged on many factors. Many of these factors depend on the type of property you manage, but one element transcends all property types: Are you helping […]

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What Happened to My Asphalt Parking Lot

At times, it can be easy to not really look an asphalt parking lot you see every day. Perhaps you drive by a store every day for months without ever noticing its name, or you might not recall whether the slats […]

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Are You Up-To-Date? ADA Design Guidelines and Parking Lot Striping

Regulations state that when you construct, repave, restripe or alter your parking lot, you must make sure that you have the minimum number of correctly marked handicapped spaces to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA guidelines also apply to […]

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Before Fall Comes, Make Sure You Review Your Parking Lot Maintenance Plan!

An asphalt parking lot represents a significant investment, so naturally you would like for it to last as long as possible. Neglected pavement will have a much shorter life than well-maintained pavement. Proper maintenance is crucial to maximizing your return on […]

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Closing My Business For Paving Or Sealcoating

Whether you are having your parking lot paved or sealcoated, the asphalt contractor will need to close it to traffic for a certain period of time. However, contractors are accustomed to working with customers to establish a plan that will keep […]

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Parking Lot Maintenance And Curb Appeal

If you drove by a home with an overgrown yard in which trash was clearly visible or that had torn window screens, large oil stains in the driveway and missing shingles, how well-kept do you imagine the interior would be? If […]

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When Removing Parking Strips Or Markings

Yes, asphalt contractors employ a variety of techniques to remove pavement striping and markings. Each method requires different tools and techniques, and the effects that each can have on the pavement also vary. When Removing Parking Strips Or Markings – Your […]

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When Should A Parking Lot Be Sealcoated

As soon as you install a new asphalt parking lot, it becomes susceptible to a variety of environmental and human factors, including moisture, weather, oil, abrasive chemicals and the degradation that any pavement sustains from traffic. Since parking lots are usually […]

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