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How Property Managers Can Budget Asphalt Paving and Maintenance

About this time of the year, property managers are typically working on their budgets for the coming year. One area that many people have difficulty budgeting for is their asphalt-related needs. Questions that often arise are, “What asphalt services will I […]

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Asphalt: Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend

Loving a bargain seems to be part of the human psyche. Most people like to save money on their purchases, whether they shop sales, conduct price comparisons or redeem coupons. However, the cheapest price is not always the best bargain. Asphalt: […]

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My Driveway Needs To Be Paved, Is Drainage A Concern

When planning the installation of parking lot paving, some people forget the importance of proper drainage. If the driveway does not drain correctly, the risk of water penetrating the surface and destabilizing the base is increased. Furthermore, poor drainage can result […]

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Asphalt Driveway Installation & Cost

All paving contractors frequently receive phone calls from homeowners asking questions about Asphalt Driveway Installation & Cost.  A reputable contractor will typically say “it depends”.   There are just too many factors involved to blithely toss out a quote without first seeing […]

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How Can I Best Maintain My Asphalt?

To successfully maintain asphalt pavement it is important you have a regular maintenance plan in place. Pavement maintenance plans can vary in scope, but they never vary in their purpose: to increase pavement life.  A proper pavement maintenance program includes crack filling, […]

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