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The Difference | Asphalt Sealcoating | Alpha Paving Industries

Reputable paving companies recommend sealcoating a new pavement within its first year of life and every two to four years after that. However, not all sealcoating contractors have the expertise to prepare a sealcoating mix that will provide durable, attractive results. […]

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What Does a Properly Maintained Parking Lot Look Like?

The initial investment for an asphalt pavement parking lot can be substantial. To secure your investment and maximize its potential, you should adhere to an ongoing paving maintenance program. A neglected parking lot creates an unsightly and uninviting environment for potential […]

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What Could Be Damaging Your Asphalt?

Under ideal conditions, you can expect your asphalt pavement to last 20 years or more, but periodic maintenance is vital in achieving this longevity. The asphalt in your pavement makes up a small percentage of the total material. Asphalt acts as […]

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Parking Lot Maintenance Tips – Removing Oil Stains

If your asphalt driveway or parking lot has oil stains, it is best to remove them as soon as possible. Prompt removal of oil and other stains from the asphalt surface should be a routine part of your regular asphalt maintenance […]

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When Is the Asphalt Sealcoating Season?

Even in Austin, winter weather can be hard on asphalt pavement. With rain falling sporadically throughout the winter and the frequent freezing and thawing cycles, your pavement can show significant signs of distress by the time the first signs of spring […]

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How Do the Austin Seasons Affect Your Asphalt?

When it receives proper care, asphalt makes a strong and durable pavement. However, it is not impervious to damage from seasonal weather. As local asphalt paving companies know, seasonal fluctuations in the Austin area can pose certain threats to your pavement. […]

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Mistakes You May See From a Sealcoating Contractor

An effective asphalt maintenance program that includes periodic applications of a quality sealant can dramatically extend the life and enhance the appearance of your pavement. However, the best sealants on the market will not provide many benefits if the contractor you […]

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How to Know When Your Asphalt Is Ready for Sealcoating

All commercial properties need parking lots, walkways and other pavements that are both safe and attractive. Whether a retailer wants to ensure the convenience of customers, an office wants to improve security for employees or an apartment complex wants to attract […]

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Asphalt Sealcoating & Winter Construction

An effective asphalt maintenance program can dramatically increase the life expectancy of your pavement. The two maintenance procedures that asphalt paving companies consider critical are the timely repair of cracks and the periodic reapplication of sealcoating. These procedures are especially important […]

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What Are the Cost Factors for Asphalt Sealcoating?

A properly maintained asphalt surface requires periodic asphalt sealcoating to maximize the useful longevity of the parking lot or driveway. Maintaining the sealcoating on the asphalt surface also greatly enhances its appearance. Depending on the pavement’s use, a high-quality and professionally […]

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