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When viewed from the air, a major airport may look like a massive parking lot with a series of interconnected roads. Even a small airstrip may look more like a parking lot than an aerial transportation depot. However, airports of all […]

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If you are involved in maintaining the pavement for a subdivision, condominium complex or HOA, you know how strongly your residents feel about having all pavements look attractive and be well-maintained. However, the installation and maintenance of pavement may not be […]

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Municipalities & Counties

County and municipal agencies can be challenged when it comes to pavement work. On the one hand, your citizens expect you to be frugal and spend funds wisely. On the other hand, they demand roadways, parking lots, sidewalks and other paved […]

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Churches & Religious Institutions

Whether they are called temples, churches, mosques or synagogues, religious institutions are more than meeting places for a congregation. Religious organizations are often a leading provider of social services and community activities. They frequently do not have a staff member who […]

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Educational & Facility Management

From local school districts to college campuses, educational facilities all face the challenges involved with maintaining their properties without exceeding their budgets. Unfortunately, this often means that preventive maintenance is replaced by “breakdown maintenance.” This means that routine maintenance is not […]

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Whether you own a small shop or manage the largest shopping mall in your town, the condition of your parking lot tells your customers a great deal about your business. When potential customers drive by your area, they notice whether your […]

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Facilities/Health Care

Clinics, hospitals and other health care facilities all need to provide a safe thoroughfare for physicians, patients and staff members to enter and exit the building. Patients may have mobility challenges or ambulances may transport patients to the facility, making a […]

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The hotel industry has become increasingly competitive, leaving independent hoteliers as well as international chains looking for innovative ways to attract guests and keep them coming back. Some hotels have loyal guests who choose the same property whenever they are in […]

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Property Management

Property managers have to juggle a variety of tasks every day. They are responsible for attracting and retaining quality tenants, ensuring that the owner’s assets are protected, maintaining the common areas, collecting payments, preparing reports and many more duties. One responsibility […]

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