223 Rainbow Drive | Central Texas

Lyndon Management is a privately-owned Austin company that specializes in acquiring and managing multifamily properties in Central Texas. They purchased an apartment complex in San Antonio that had been condemned by the city and launched a complete renovation of the property. They contracted Alpha Paving to handle the parking lot renovations. We completed the job for this first-time customer without involving a subcontractor.

223 Rainbow Drive | Central Texas

What Work Did Alpha Perform at 223 Rainbow Drive?

The previous owners had neglected the parking lot, so it was in complete disrepair. We milled the existing asphalt pavement to a depth of approximately two inches. We then installed an overlay to replace the pavement we removed. This required roughly 415 tons of Type D asphalt to cover 29,500 square feet of pavement. We were able to complete all of the asphalt milling and paving in a single day. Shortly after that, we striped the parking lot and installed wheel stops. This work required two days to complete.

The job was proof that we can sometimes salvage even an old, neglected pavement with milling and an overlay, avoiding the costlier option of a total removal and replacement. However, it was also a reminder of the importance of timely repairs, periodic sealcoating and routine maintenance.

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