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Parking Lot Catch Basins Repair

Regardless of who uses your parking lot, it is important that your pavement drains properly. When puddles form on your pavement, pedestrians and vehicles are often splashed by passing traffic. Deep potholes may be concealed, increasing the likelihood that a pedestrian […]

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Alligator Cracking & Severity

Asphalt pavement is an extremely popular choice for residential driveways, city streets, parking lots and busy highways. It is quick and economical to install and repair, provides excellent traction and can last for decades if properly maintained. However, virtually all asphalt […]

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Professional Parking Lot Striping & Cost Benefits

Your parking lot is an important asset. It is often the basis for the first impression that people form about you and the quality of the business you represent. One way to help ensure that your parking lot makes the type […]

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Asphalt & Dog’s

As the days grow longer and the temperatures grow warmer, opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities increase. During the spring and summer months, the Austin and Central Texas area is home to numerous outdoor events, including festivals, concerts, art shows, flea markets […]

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Spring Sealcoating | Austin, TX

Asphalt pavement can give you many years of use if you make sure that it is properly maintained. Asphalt sealing┬áis a critical part of asphalt maintenance; sealants help protect asphalt pavement from damage while simultaneously enhancing its appearance. However, many people […]

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Commercial Asphalt Paving Requires Expertise

Reputable asphalt professionals recommend that you always select a contractor with experience in the type of asphalt paving project you need. The reason is that different types of asphalt pavement require different skills. Experience is especially critical when it comes to […]

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Concrete & Curing

The use of concrete began much earlier than many people realize. The ancient Romans used concrete to build structures that still stand today. The Colosseum, the Pantheon and many of the Roman aqueducts and bridges were built using concrete. However, even […]

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Paving, Property Management & ROI

Property managers have to deal with a variety issues. They are responsible for attracting new tenants, making sure that current tenants are happy, maintaining the property’s curb appeal, ensuring that damages are repaired promptly and handling many other tasks. Since they […]

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Understanding Quality Asphalt Paving

When the work is of high quality, asphalt pavement is smooth, level and attractive. However, when the work is of poor quality, the pavement will be rough, ugly and uneven. Perhaps you have seen examples of poor work on various rural […]

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Caring After New Pavement

Asphalt pavement is remarkably durable and attractive, and if cared for properly, it can often last for decades. If you have had new asphalt pavement installed, you may be wondering whether there is anything special you should or should not do […]

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